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07/05/2014 - FJSNA Presidential Pot Luck in Chevy Chase, MD

08/09/2014 - FJSNA Summer Time Picnic, Joint Base Andrew's, MD.

08/31/2014 - FJSNA Soccer & Tailgate event with DC United in Washington, DC

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Welcome to the FJSNA

The Foreign Joint Services NCO's Association (FJSNA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 and is the only worldwide NCO Association existing in the United States. The purpose of this Association is to foster comradeship among foreign NCO's assigned to the Washington Metropolitan Area.



-President's Pot Luck
Presidential Pot Luck, Saturday July, 05 2014. Hosted by "The Pres" and family so mark your calendars and bring a dish. Don't be shy, give it a try! You are all welcome! Please see flyer for information by clicking here.

-FJSNA Summer Time Picnic

The 2014 FJSNA Summer Time Picnic will be hosted by the US Armed Forces at Joint Base Andrew's on Saturday Aug 9th .

To see flyer click here.

-FJSNA DC United Soccer
FJSNA tailgate & DC United soccer game on Sunday , Aug 31st at 2:30PM.

To see flyer click here.


The FJSNA Facebook group is taking off. The group is closed to the public so you will have to request membership. Get all postings and reminders sent to your smart phone for quick updates and postings. Also all FJSNA photos will be posted to both the website and our Facebook account. Unlike the website, the photos posted to Facebook can be downloaded. So follow the link below and see you thereā€¦

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- To contact our President directly, please send an
email to: FJSNA President

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