Foreign Joint Service Non-commissioned Officers' Association
"Fortes Soli, Fortiores Una " Next Events > 01/18/18 - Monthly meeting hosted by the German Armed Forces Command, Dulles, VA. 02/22/18 - Monthly meeting co-hosted by the Defense Depart of the Netherlands Embassy, and the Belgian and Greek Defense, Washington, DC. 03/22/18 - Monthly meeting hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard, Alexandria, VA. 04/05/18 - Monthly meeting hosted at the Australian Embassy, Washington, DC. 05/04/18 - 2018 FJSNA Spring Ball, Fort Myer Officers Club , Washington, DC 05/17/18 - Monthly meeting co-hosted by the Italian Embassy and the U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, DC. 06/28/18 - Monthly meeting co-hosted by the Chilean Embassy and the U.S. Navy, Washington, DC. 07/26/18 - US Naval Observatory Tour, Washington, DC. July/August - No Monthly Meetings 09/27/18 - Monthly meeting co-hosted by the British Embassy, Argentinian Embassy, and the U.S. Air Force, Washington, DC. 10/18/18 - Monthly meeting hosted by the Spanish Armed Forces, Arlington, VA. 11/15/18 - FULLCOM / monthly meeting co-hosted by the Embassy of Greece and the EXCOM, Washington, DC. 12/08/18 - 2018 FJSNA Children's Christmas Party, National Guard Bureau, Arlington, VA. 12/14/18 - 2018 FJSNA Christmas Ball, Ft. McNair, Washington, DC. December - No monthly meeting Last Updated: 11/03/2018

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The Foreign Joint Service NCO's Association (FJSNA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 and is the only worldwide NCO Association existing in the United States. The purpose of this Association is to foster comradeship among foreign NCO's assigned to the Washington Metropolitan Area.



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